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About Us

Thomas Legal Solutions provides business and commercial counseling, negotiation, document analysis and drafting, with an emphasis on licensing and protection of intellectual property.  We are also well-versed in the broad range of business and legal issues which companies face online.

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Mission Statement

We're a law firm with a difference.  We know that above all else, clients come to us seeking answers to their problems.  We approach the practice of law as a mandate to provide practical, cost-effective solutions to real-world client problems.  Often the answers are straightforward, sometimes less so.  But whether crystal clear, or necessarily more complex, we strive to create options for our clients, and to communicate those options clearly, streamlining yet avoiding oversimplification. 

We LISTEN to our clients, and know that there is often more than one way to achieve a good result, some of which may be better fitted to a particular client's needs and circumstances than others.  Too many law firms focus overwhelmingly on the risk side of the equation, while ignoring or discounting  potential rewards.  While it is always easier to say "no" than to find a creative way of saying "yes," we understand that business involves risk, inherently and unavoidably.  With this in mind, we see our role not necessarily as eliminating all risk (though we seek to do this too, whenever possible).  Rather, we strive to advise our clients of the likelihood and potential magnitude of any critical unavoidable risks, so that they can make fully-informed decisions.

Our focus on prompt and efficient client service includes a commitment to availability and responsiveness.  We consider every new matter an opportunity to exceed client expectations.   If you feel that lawyers are inaccessible, inattentive, and all too often seem in the business of just saying "no," try us.  We approach the law a little differently.